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Johnson and Evinrude engines

Johnson Outboards

Llyn Marine offers a full range of Johnson outboards for your boat.

Johnson Outboards has always been guided by a simple, rugged philosophy: I fish therefore I am. More than 80 years later they are still making some of the toughest outboard engines around.

Maximum power, amazing durability, and an impressive list of features. These are outboards for the fisherman who wants to truly be ready for all conditions.

Johnson Two Stroke Outboards

Image showing a couple having fun in an Evinrude-powered boat Tropical fun with Johnson outboard

Johnson 2T Range - Runs Stronger. Lasts Longer.

From the go-anywhere portables to the ocean-going V6s, a Johnson two-stroke outboard gives you more power, more reliability, more durability and more ways to make your boating hassle-free.











Engine Type

V6-60 degree

V6-60 degree

V4-60 degree

V4-60 degree

2 cyl

2 cyl

2 cyl

2 cyl

1 cyl











Propeller shaft power

130.6 kW at 5000 rpm

111.9 kW at 5000 rpm

85.8 kW at 5000 rpm

67.2 kW at 5000 rpm

37.3 kW at 5000 rpm

29.8 kW at 5000 rpm

22.4 kW at 5000 rpm

18.7 kW at 5000 rpm

2.6 kW at 5500 rpm

Johnson Four-Stroke Outboards

Johnson 4T Range - Another way to blend performance and Ecology

From the portable model 6 to the advanced electronic fuel injected model 70, the Johnson four-strokes have been developed to provide you with an exciting and comfortable boating experience. They offer a perfect combination of performance, improved fuel economy and quiet environmentally-friendly operation

Type 70 60 50 40 15 9.9 8.0 6.0
Engine Type 4 cyl. 4 cyl. 3 cyl. 3 cyl. 2 cyl. 2 cyl. 2 cyl. 1 cyl.
Displacement 1298 cc 1298 cc 815 cc 815 cc 302 cc 302 cc 210 cc 128 cc
Propeller shaft power 51.5 kW at 5500 rpm 44.0 kW at 5500 rpm 36.8kW at 6200 rpm 29.4 kW at 5500 rpm 11.2 kW at 5700 rpm 7.4 kW at 5700 rpm 6 kW at 4800 rpm 4.5 kW at 5500 rpm

High speed fun with an Evinrude Outboard

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